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I’m SO excited to share not only our book, but the AUDIOBOOK as well! It's even better when you hear it! We are offering a limited 75 numbered and autographed copies on a first come, first served basis (see below). If you can imagine Adventures in Odyssey’s Connie and Eugene writing a book, then you have a good idea what to expect. 30 years in the making is right!  Did you know the cover photo was actually taken a couple of years before AIO was even created…!?

The MUST HAVE audio companion to the book performed by your favorite actors!

More music than the book!

Read word for word (more or less)!


When evil Nazis threaten to sabotage the 1936 Summer Olympics, America's pride rests in the hands of race car driver Rex Tanner and his Omnidial: a mysterious device that imbues him with temporary super powers! ...when it works. Check out and buy this super fun audio screen play I directed! Only $6.95?! what a deal!!