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What's Going On?

Looking forward to 2018!

Katie Leigh

Well, 2017 was a great year! A special thanks to those who joined us on the Focus on the Family/Adventures in Odyssey Cruise in November. Thirty (30) years on the air playing the same character!? WOW!  

What's next? Well, I am currently working on some e-learning projects, a new show for Nickelodeon and starting a new role in a pretty popular Japanese Anime cartoon!

On top of that, I will be traveling. First at the end of this month, I am going to attend the VOXY SUMMIT in North Carolina. Following that fun filled weekend of female voiceover artists sharing tips and encouragement, I've been invited to share some spiritual encouragement at Oakdale Baptist Church in South Carolina (which I'm told isn't too far away). They are calling it "Connie Comes to South Carolina!" So get your tickets now!

In March 1-4, 2018 I will be attending VO Atlanta as a volunteer because I want to support all the newbies and amazing speakers who will also be there. Basically, I will be there for YOU, my friends.

May 5-6, 2018, , 2018 I will be teaching a VO/ADR/Character workshop in Dallas with the Dallas VO Meetup peeps. So excited for that! I will be working with Nathan Ashton, a local film sound designer to work on the ins and outs of ADR, voice matching and dubbing at Cake Mix Recording. More on that to come.

I am excited to see what other things pop up on my calendar and hope to meet lots of new friends in the coming year!

Ensemble Acting for Animation VO September 5 and 12, 2017!

Katie Leigh

Starts in Less than 1 Week!

Have you always dreamed of doing animation? Join animation legend Katie Leigh for Ensemble Acting for Animation Voiceover! Beginner or experienced talent, this class is for you!

Our very own Sean Daeley sat down with Katie and asked her a few questions about the class to get a first hand account of what to expect. Using improv skills and reacting to other voice actors is a highlight of this incredible 2 week class!

Check out her interview here. Class starts September 5th, so hurry up and register!


Katie Leigh

I am excited about participating in the Get in the Show contest this coming Saturday at Focus on the Family Headquarters in Colorado Springs. I hope to see and meet a lot of you there. By the way, if you purchase a copy of  "Adventures in Oddity" at the discounted price, it may get to you in time for me to sign it when I am there. Either way, come cheer for your favorite contestant!

Use this code for 25% off the Book: DZJ9GN44

Use this code for 25% off  the CDSZHG2NG2


Katie Leigh

In celebration of Katie Leigh and Will Ryan’s 30th anniversary working on “Adventures in Odyssey,” Oxnard University Press is offering a Pre-Cruise "ADVENTURES IN ODDITY" Book and CD sale! While supplies last . . . 25% off!


If you are coming on the Focus on the Family cruise in November—or know someone who is—NOW is the time to order!

Will and Katie will be thrilled to sign your copies of Books and CDs in person while at sea - or even in port!

Only a few dozen copies of this edition of this book remain in stock.

Use this code for 25% off the Book: DZJ9GN44

Use this code for 25% off  the CD: SZHG2NG2

FRIDAY MAY 5th, 2017 ZOOM HANG OUT with MY DEMO DUDE/Stanley Fisher

Katie Leigh

I will share my story of success and failure, how I landed voice work like Baby Rowlf in the Emmy Award-Winning Jim Henson's Muppet Babies, Honker Muddlefoot in Darkwing Duck, Sheila theThief in Dungeons and Dragons. Participating actors will get the opportunity to perform and I'll help you work on your performance and auditioning skills.



Katie Leigh

Sometimes I get freaked out about teaching. It's not that I don't have good insight, instincts and instruction. It's not that I don't have experience in the field. It's that I feel nervous about the responsibility. It's the planning and preparation that goes into it ahead of time. I worry I'm forgetting something. I worry that there will be too few or too many students. This Sunday, my pastor talked about not worrying and " fearing not." How timely. What good would worrying accomplish anyway? And he's right!  I'm so thankful that guiding me  through the pre-conference jitters are David Rosenthal my co-teacher and Gerald Griffith the founder. And now that we've gotten over the hump of committing to the conference, and planning the curriculum and surprises...all that's left is to have fun. I can honestly say I feel confident and excited that we are going to have a blast! So, check out our little promo in which the fun has already started....


Great Classes and events at the Global Voice Acting Academy this month!

Katie Leigh

So proud to be associated with this awesome coaches!

Intimate Commercial Read - Steven Reisberg

**Animation Workout - M.J. Lallo

Talent Agent Q&A - Carol Rathe 

**The Audiobook Narrators Workshop - Steven Jay Cohen

**Technical Narration - David Rosenthal

Advanced VO Techniques for Commercial & Narration - Elaine Clark

**Introduction to Video Games - Brad Venable

Talent Agent Q&A - Erik Sheppard

The ABC’s of ACX - Christa Lewis

Voice Over Styles - David Rosenthal

Intimate Commercial Read Workout - Steven Reisberg

Ensemble Acting for Animation Voiceover - Katie Leigh

Talent Agent Q&A - Portia Scott

Audiobook Technique - Christa Lewis

Corporate Narration - Anne Ganguzza

“The Conversational Commercial Read” Techniques - Anne Ganguzza

Amazing Characters! (Animation VO Technique Level 1) - MJ Lallo

Purchase the Entire Agent Webinar Series!

A Master Class on E-Learning - J. Michael Collins

Telephony      Telephony and On Hold Messaging - Anne Ganguzza


VO ATLANTA 2017 Here We Come!

Katie Leigh

I have the pleasure of co-teaching  the VO Atlanta 2017 YOUTH DAY on Saturday, March 11 with the awesome David Rosenthal, Global Voice Acting Academy mastermind and all around fun guy, We have an amazing day in store for young people 7-15 interested in exploring the voiceover world. We will have some special guests popping in, keeping it fresh all day long. The whole conference is absolutely wonderful, and I'm so glad to participate again this year!


Everyone Likes to Save $ and Give Good Gifts, right?

Katie Leigh

For Cyber week, we've decided to offer BOGO 1/2 off Book and CD combos of Adventures in Oddity! You can keep both of them for yourself, keep one for yourself and give one to a friend or give them both away if you're feeling really generous. What a terrific feeling you will get either way! 

We hope this will start off your holiday season with not only a spirit of thankfulness but also generosity!

I know Will Ryan and I are grateful for all of you who have sent stellar comments about how much you've either enjoyed listening to our Audio CD or reading our book. People have even been know to read it to each other and pretend they were us! Although why anyone would want to be Will is beyond me! To each his own we say! And Happy Cyber Week!




Regress to Success! 3 Week Kids Voice Workshop

Katie Leigh

Did you ever want to get into voice acting? Did you ever want to learn how to professionally play child characters? Now is the time, and you don't even have to leave your computer!

Sign up for this online class and learn how to create and perform kids' voices from an industry veteran, Katie Leigh!

Class Description:

In the world of cartoons, film, and games, directors regularly cast roles that require adult VO talent to sound like kids. But to sound like a child, you must think and act like a child. Explore the psychology and physiology of performing children’s voices from toddlers to teens. Katie has played children of all ages, boys and girls, throughout her 35 years in Hollywood. This 3-week course with the Global Voice Acting Academy, for both women and men, will help you explore your “inner child,” and regress to success!


Duration: 3 Weeks

Class Length: 2 hours

Investment: $297

Maximum Participants: 8

 "The Little Prince" Nickelodeon

"The Little Prince" Nickelodeon

WHAT? A Darkwing Duck Reunion Panel at the comicon formerly known as Stan Lee's Comikaze!?!

Katie Leigh

This is so darn exciting! Stan Lee's Comikaze usually held on Halloween weekend in Los Angeles has officially changed it's name to: STAN LEE'S LOS ANGELES COMIC CON. It will be held on Oct 28-30 this year, as usual, at the L.A. Convention Center. What is most newsworthy is the fact that we will be having the first ever Darkwing Duck Reunion Panel  on Saturday afternoon featuring the most elusive and charming Ginny McSwain, our director, and Tad Stones our creator, writer and producer! Special thanks to the valiant efforts of my friend, and social media director Jason Schlierman and his co-producer Matt of  the Disney Afternoon Forever podcast for making this happen!! If you haven't seen Jason in action, go watch the Disney Afternoon panel he hosted at last year's Comikaze. Check out the convention website and see my old but still kicking headshot along with some of my favorite people gracing the banner of this awesome to be event! We will actually all be signing autographs there both Saturday and Sunday. I hope to see you there!

The Third Annual Alpha Omega Con! Saturday September 24, 2016

Katie Leigh

I'm excited to be a part of this fairly new faith-based gathering. This year there will be a VO panel that I get to participate on featuring Townsend Coleman, Steve Weese and Helen Frederick, as well as myself. Unfortunately, Will Ryan and the Saguaro's have a previous engagement. However,  I will have Adventures in Oddity books and CD's on hand at my booth before and after. Please come say hi and support this thoughtful event.


Katie Leigh

Isn't it exciting going back to school?! It's especially exciting because we are offering a 2 for 1 SPECIAL!  Just go to the BUY page on this website. Order a book and get a free audiobook download ("IT'S EVEN MORE FUN WHEN YOU HEAR IT!"). Order a CD and a free pdf version of the book! What a great way to start the school year!

Back from PonyCon and headed through Comicon on the way to Yestercon!

Katie Leigh

Well, if it's not one Con it's another! How exciting is summer! The My LIttle Pony Faire and Convention was so sweet! I was so blessed to receive a beautiful statuette as I was inducted into the My LIttle Pony Hall of Fame!!! A big thank you to MustBeJewel/Julie Watts for making this terrific tribute video for the event. Ruth Bush--a product designer at Hasbro for Generation 1 My Little Ponies was also honored. It was great to meet her and Bonnie Zacherle who created the whole pony line! I was with Pony Royalty!

My LIttle Pony 2016 Hall of Fame Award

You Can Now See "Get Blake!"

Katie Leigh

I've been telling everyone that I've been working on  a great cartoon called Get Blake. Unfortunately, it's been on in every English speaking country except the United States. Thanks to batterPOP, you can now see bits and pieces. I hope you enjoy..


An Interview Down Under

Katie Leigh

Just got off the Skype phone with a lovely gentleman named Simon Hanna. He lives in Australia and wanted to interview me for his podcast HannaTalk. Just a few hours later he sent me this link and I'm sharing it with you. I hope you enjoy!