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The Itty-Bitty Book of Codependency

Adventures in Oddity Bonus Edition!

If you can imagine Adventures in Odyssey’s Connie and Eugene writing a book, then you have a good idea what to expect from "Adventures in Oddity." Now, imagine 4 new bonus chapters (58 bonus pages of cool new stuff)--including fabulous new original drawings by Will Ryan--and you've got "Adventures in Oddity, The Bonus Edition!" ORDER YOUR COPY NOW!*

AND the MUST HAVE audio companion to the book performed by the authors!

More music than the book! Performed word for word (more or less)!



This Book Is Funny!


Homeless for the Holidays

by P.S. Wells and Marsha Wright

Narrated by Katie Leigh

Amidst the holiday traditions and trappings, one family learns what is truly important when they lose all they have, and they still have everything.

daddys fave sound.jpg

Daddy's Favorite Sound

by Brock Eastman and Kinley Eastman

Narrated By Katie Leigh

Using kid-friendly animal characters, families will follow a day in the life of Little Lion and Daddy Lion, as Little Lion anxiously tries to find her father's favorite sound.

mommys fave smell.jpg

Mommy's Favorite Smell

by Brock Eastman and Kinley Eastman

Narrated By Katie Leigh

Your family will enjoy this heartwarming tale and encounter scents, both good and bad, that evoke strong emotions and memories in adults and children alike.

Rex Tanner and the Sword of Damocles

When evil Nazis threaten to sabotage the 1936 summer olympics, America's pride rests in the hands of race car driver, Rex Tanner and his Omnidial: a mysterious device that imbues him with temporary superpowers! ... when it works.


Check out this super fun audio screen play
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