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One-on-One Coaching For Animation

What are the four fundamentals necessary for an outstanding character performance?

1. interpreting the script.

2. Understanding the scene.

3. Creating the character's inner life.

4. Executing the delivery.


Most folks think that in animation,  we need only an interesting or funny voice, when in fact we must develop a character before we can even begin to think about vocal delivery.  With only our voices and imaginations, voice actors must learn to use a unique set of tools to uncover not just entertaining voices but the personalities behind them. 

You bring your willingness to stretch, and I'll supply scripts, along with my passion for the craft and 35+ years experience working alongside the best, to bring out the best in you. 

I provide several options, including:



  • 1 hour coaching sessions for $125/hr

  • 3 hours of coaching for $350

  • 30 minutes of coaching for $70

  • Special 10% discount to former workshop participants: PLEASE CONTACT ME BEFORE PAYING


Use the link below to schedule the session. Thank you!

Weekly Online


What clients say...

"I was nervous at the beginning, but I had such a blast and felt like I improved. One of the reasons why I wanted to pursue VO is to build my overall confidence, and this was one step toward that! I LOVE being stretched and receiving your constructive criticism."

— Sarah, workshop participant

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